In Braemar nature is everywhere…

There are a wide range of species to be found in the varied local habitats which give opportunities to observe a multitude of creatures large and small.

The unique environment found in Royal Deeside is an exceptional area for the botanist boasting an exceptional range of species, some unique to the area. This is due to the various habitats found locally such as, woodlands, moorlands, farmlands, ancient pine forest and sub arctic tundra (found high in the cairngorms).

This wide range of habitats also reflects in the abundance of birdlife on offer for the bird watcher, with these being just some of the species to look out for; capercaillie, black grouse, woodcock, siskin, Scottish crossbill, common sandpiper, dipper, grey wagtail, goosander, hen harrier, peregrine, buzzard, dotterel and even a chance of a golden eagle sighting.

Red deer are very easily seen from the road. Red Deer rut in autumn, during this time the sound of the stags roaring can be heard in the surrounding hills and glens. The experience of hearing the stags roar in autumn can be quite an eary experience in the dim autumn light but is definitely unmissable.